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What should You write about?

Every writer has heard it time and time again, that it is best to write “what you know.”
What experiences have you had that you could write about?  Thus, if you are first starting out writing make a list of all the topics you already know and have knowledge and or experience to write about. 
Another idea is to “write what you want to know.”  Why? Well, you can do research on a topic of your personal interests and write about what you have newly learned.  For example, I love to learn about “what others are passionate about.”  But that is very broad, so I would narrow it down to “the passion to find writing ideas.”  This would be a great topic to write about as I can list writing topics that I am passionate about and then just start writing. 
Try this exercise
If time and money were not factors, I’d love to take a course in ________________.
I have always wanted to ask ______________about_________________________.
I have always wanted to know how __________________________________works.
My life would improve if I could only ______________________________________.
When I have a sleepless night, it is usually because I am worried about__________.
The worst injustice I can think of is _______________________________________.
I have always been embarrassed to admit that _______________really interests me.
In my life, I have overcome ______________________________________________.
If I could volunteer for just one cause, it would be ____________________________.
I wish I were better at __________________________________________________.
I have always wondered why ____________________________________________.
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