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My thoughts from Mike Dooley’s Book: Infinite Possibilities

  Infinite Possibilities

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
4:31 AM
This day and age is a time of change and self growth as the old passes away and the new arrives.  It is a time to discover opportunities where others have only found only closed doors.  As I begin to write it is Wednesday, October 13, 2010. 
Do you know your inheritance from God?
Do you know your roadmap for life’s happiness?
Do you know that Change is a good thing? 
In order to change what you do not like, you have to get rid of your old ways, thoughts, patterns, possessions that are old and non meaningful, friends, etc.
What areas of your life need more focus to bring about the changes you need?
The one thing that comes to mind for me is the need to focus on the “here and now,” “the present moment.”  My mind seems to race ahead as my thoughts want to control my outcomes of life’s adventures. 
God’s words say to, “be still and know that I am god.”  To sit still and calm my thoughts takes great effort as I am learning to do this very thing!  
Feel free to add comments below as I will continue to write on this topic.
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