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4 Tips to Prosperity

Step ONE:  Change your mind~ Learn how to see the light in everything around you.  Be able to look through each challenge as they arise and see the light at the end. The secret is to find light in dark places including people, places, things, circumstances, situations, Everything! For example, if you want more money into your life, let go of it.  Give money, time, resources away, even if its something small like a smile. NOTE:  In my recent move (unplanned) I had to give away most of my possessions, no time to sell…six months later I am blessed even more!

~Let go of your artguements

~Let go of yoru stands to be right

If you are fighting with anyone right now rememnber it is really fighting aginst yourself.  Let go of all holds and expectations you have on others.


RECAP: Take nothing personally (detach) and Change your mindset which will take daily FOCUS.

STEP TWO:  Create your Talents or list them all. Who are you?  You are not your job or what others expect you to be.  Define who you really are authentically and stand on that.

~Ask yourself what makes your happy?

~If time goes by fast, what are you doing?

~Be in the present moment and life becomes easier!

STEP THREE:  Create your Dreams

Okay, this is easy, if you love to write: talk to others who are already writing.  Say you love to write poems, as I do.  Then go find new friends, forums, groups and get involved.  I don’t like to get out of the house much because with my job being a barber I love to come home and write.  I am currently networking in this area to publish a poems book.  I am doing all the research I need to publish it by Jan 2011.

RECAP: Talk to like minded people in the area in which you wish to be in.

STEP FOUR:  Identify what you want to bring into this world in the moment.

No need to be overwhelmed or get that way, just FOCUS on one thing in your life you want to improve and stick to it.  Focus on you alone will limit your life for sure, so be others focused and life will join you abundantly.

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