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The 25 Streams of Distractions in everyday life

 The 25 Streams of Distractions in everyday life
The stream of news, information, and messages we get these days is
enough to drown us. It’s staggering in its volume.
It’s a wonder anyone can find any focus with an information stream like
that. The more connected a person becomes on the Internet, the more
distractions they face in their day. Just a couple decades ago, most people’s distractions consisted of the phone, the fax machine, incoming memos and paperwork, solitaire, and actual people in their offices.
These days, people who work online face much more than that:
o   email (perhaps the biggest problem for most people)
o   instant messaging
o   Twitter
o   Facebook
o   online forums
o   blogs
o   other social networks
o   news sites
o   phones & cell phones
o   text messages
o   Skype
o   podcasts
o   Google alerts
o   Mobile device notifications (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)
o   mobile apps
o   videos
o   online music
o   online shopping
o   Internet radio
o   paperwork
o   online games
o   solitaire
o   internet TV
o   ebooks
o   And more.
Why and How to Limit the Stream
With so many distractions, it’s impossible to truly focus on the important.
We try to drink the stream, but it’s too voluminous and never-ending to take
in this way.
Some people think this is just a part of their work, or their lives, and that
there’s nothing wrong with being connected. It’s a part of doing business,
they say.
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