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Annual Blogging Link for Calendar

If you’ve been an affiliate with us for a while you know our annual blogging calendar is HOT. We just sent out an email to our readers about it last night and in less than 24 hours, we already have hundreds of downloads and people are recommending it on Facebook as well. This year, we adopted a snazzy new planner format and made it oh-so-easy for you to share with your fans and friends. All you need to do is use your link below. It sends people directly to the download. To help you earn, the sign up box is coded to capture your affiliate ID so we can use your link when we email our members. That’s not all. We also coded the Like and Tweet buttons to carry your affiliate ID.

Your link = http://blogenergizer.com/download-blogging-calendar/?aff_id=1521

So visit your own link and click Like, or Tweet. It should show up in Facebook or Twitter with your link. Easiest bit of promotion you’ll do all week. If you have a bit of time, do write a blog post and email it to your subscribers.

Your link =


 Oh and don’t forget to download a copy of the calendar for your own use. As always, shoot me an email if you need help, have further questions or tell us what you think, need and want. Lynette Chandler

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