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Law of Attraction 101

  1. February 12, 2011 at 1:42 AM

    Zero Point Matrix(www.rajahsharma.com)—Yoga for the mind—
    Discover your divine purpose—get clarity & vision of where you want to go or what you want to achieve, and how you will get to that point.
    The only thing that comes between you and your dreams is your mind—learn to manage your mind and you can achieve anything. Zero Point Matrix—YOGA FOR THE MIND—
    Activate the LOA with the zero point matrix—YOGA FOR THE MIND—set out the intention and create focus with clarity and consistency. Remove all your self limiting beliefs and internal blocks.

    our distinction: we are the only one who shows how the zero point matrix—the yoga of the mind—the breathing matrix—ties up with the quantum physics and the internal vibrations that are created by your internal world of thoughts –your mind—the Vitagara ( prana-tatva) can be harnessed—through breathing matrix—
    Our Excellence: we will stand behind our product- they can talk live with us- we will not hide behind computers & emails—Our product-MP3 will help them tap into their higher selves—developing my brand by posting video logs—vlogs on youtube & other social media sites
    We want people to FEEL—FEEL like we have a very unique and interesting personality—very unique message—that makes sense at a very subliminal level—we are providing them with inner peace- tranquility –that will allow them to get clarity and vision of their life purpose—once they are clear of what they want they can easily achieve it by following the program—they are just a breath away from clarity and purpose of their lives. Raja yoga = Rajah =king of yoga—there are different kind of yoga- ashtang yoga—hatha yoga—where they work with mind & body—and then raja yoga deals mostly with the mind-
    The zero point matrix-yoga of the mind is like a GPS to your higher self. A tool, a way to connect to the divine self.
    The scriptures and secrets are revealed at the mountain top– With Zero Point Matrix—Yoga for the mind—you can reach the mountain top in your mind—ZPM is your GPS that will guide you there and you can communicate with your divine self.
    Zero Point Matrix is the express way to reach your higher self.

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