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What is a Control Freak?


A New Day A Fresh Start

Lots of people are basic control freaks, and that is not always a good thing. But some rare people have learned the art of taking control of their control freak nature to turn it into their own personal Genie in a bottle. For those folks, taking control has taken on a whole new meaning, and being a so-called control freak has given them the power they need for taking control of their lives in amazing, rewarding ways.
The whole idea of taking control relies on the basic premise that you know why you’re taking control in the first place. In other words you need to align your objectives or plan your strategy in the beginning so that as you are taking control you are also doing it in a progressive fashion, building step by step and advancing as you go.
One good way to begin this process of taking control is to try to examine or explore the ways that your “control freak” is not exactly cooperating. Maybe you’re like a rat on a treadmill, and the more you exert energy the less you feel that you are getting anywhere. In that case taking control probably requires that you reexamine the situation and make some changes. Are you wasting time, repeating the same mistakes, or ignoring some great opportunities because you fail to recognize them when they present themselves? Start taking control of those ingredients in the recipe and you’ll automatically find yourself more able to begin taking control of the results.
But sometimes it is not the circumstances that we really need to consider taking control of to get out of a rut. More often than not there are people taking control in an unwanted way – either by dragging us down by their negativity and discouragement or by blocking our path so we cannot get ahead.
As difficult as it may be to do, taking control might demand that we change our social situation or find some new friends. We might have to switch jobs because our boss is too busy taking control of our career to let us take on more responsibility. Maybe your coworkers or teammates are the problem because they aren’t pulling their weight. Perhaps you want to break a bad habit but taking control is hard because people around you are an unhealthy influence. If you don’t like the company you’re keeping then start taking control of finding a more suitable scene.
Of course sometimes it is just something as simple as taking control of our time. Time management is both an art and a skill, and the most successful people in the world often attribute their success to the ability to simply get more done each day. Taking control of your schedule, for example, so that you save just one hour a day may not seem like a gigantic achievement. But one hour a day equals more than 15 days a year. So just gaining an hour by taking control in that way can give you more than two full weeks a year or a whole day each month.
Taking control through time management is like rewarding yourself with two weeks of extra vacation every year of your life. That’s a pretty sweet deal, and it doesn’t cost you anything except the effort to tighten up your schedule, wake up a few minutes earlier, watch one less TV show, or log off of the Internet sooner. If time is money, as they say, taking control of it is like putting cash in the bank.


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