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Blogging tips

Think about your favorite blogs, what separates them from the rest?

Some bloggers succeed at attracting an audience. They build a brand,

reputation, respect. They get the attention.

At the same time, there are other bloggers looking up at those blogs

saying “Why are they different?”.

Here are the winning attributes of the top bloggers:

1. They put readers first – Give first, the rewards come after you

  have created value for your readers. At all times your audience

  should be central to everything you do, both in your writing and

  in every experience of dealing with you.

2. They have something to say – Rather than recycling and linking an

  Authority Blogger will create, will add their thoughts and ideas,

  will share the benefit of their experience.

3. They maintain quality – When things get hard it is easy to slip

  into “barely good enough” but you must always strive for the best

  quality you can maintain. Some bloggers slip when they find a bit

  of success, like they don’t have to try. Nobody is perfect, but

  if your quality slips don’t expect your audience to stick around.

4. They build relationships – No blog is an island, and even the top

  bloggers rely on others from time to time. Get out into the blog

  world and make yourself known and a valued member of the web.

5. They are unique – You have to stand out. Give people good reasons

  to talk about you. Be different in a beneficial way. Not just a

  novelty but remarkable in a way that is useful. You might gain a

  much bigger initial audience and traffic by being noticed in more

  controversial ways but that is not the way to build long-term and

  substantial value.

None of these things are particularly easy, but they are essential

for success.

Plan now to bring these attributes into your own blogging and watch

your audience, loyalty and credibility grow.


Want to fast-track your blog to become a recognized authority

in your niche? Look no further …



Successful blogging!




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