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Quit Your Job if you hate it!



Everyone thinks Satan is some fallen angel,

a mythical beast who will ensnare you to an eternity of doom and misery, pitchforks and chains, screams and scars. Laughing rapaciously as he tears your liver out. A creature of unending evil with a skin problem who breathes fire. Nope.

Satan is the morning commute.

Satan is a cold cup of hot tea in a styrofoam cup next to an ego waffle you just cooked with an iron because you’re staying at the discount motel by the highway. Satan is the disconnected and disingenuous smile from the bank teller who tells you the $50 overdraft fee will not be reversed and that she is sorry. Satan is the sparkling face of the angel on TV or the man with the million dollar smile making you an offer of wealth too tempting to resist with your wallet to say no.

Satan is…

when you run out of money and options at the same time. Satan is when your feet and back hurt from a grueling 10 hour work day in the unforgiving elements…and you’re only 31! Satan is when the years of a difficult life are logged on the forehead for all to see. Satan is the steel handcuffs on your wrists as you’re being carted off to the station while the cops laugh about last nights game. Satan is when your dreams are pinned to a lotto ticket. Satan is when you give up…


Enough,  life is too amazing to waste doing stupid shit. An incredible amount of people are working in jobs that are slowly killing their spirits. Even more are unsure about how to connect the dots between what they want to do and what they like to do as it relates to earning a keep.

We exist in a time where starting your own business has never been easier or less cumbersome.

Tools like WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook have made creating content and connecting with people from all over the world easy, instantaneous and low cost. Now more than ever is the time to create a job and a lifestyle that actually excites us. Stop waiting around to be discovered, waiting to get that promotion, waiting for that right moment, and start cashing in on your gifts NOW.

How to cash in and get paid to do something you love.

1) Quit the job you hate. Life is ironic and you may go from earning a high salary as an overworked professional to a minimum wage Batista at Starbucks, but things could be worse. You could just keep going down the path you’rd on. You know it will never lead to a passionate life one that fulfills your dreams, but it’s better than starving I suspect. Really, fear is what keeps us in place. So try this, save up four months of living expenses, take an inventory of your skills, and read the following steps.

2) Work from 7pm to 1 am. This is what I did when I was bulding up my portfolio of affiliate web properties. I quit my high paying, high hour (60+ a week) salary job with one of the largest professional services firm in the world in order to take a position that would free up my time in the evenings to work on other projects. So maybe you can’t quit right now and that is OK, but please turn off the television, the Xbox, the phone, and start making your dream of freedom into a reality. It’s easy to from habits that are unproductive like coming home and “taking it easy”, but this will never result in positive change. Instead, keep a weekly list of things you need to get done before your day is over. For example Sunday went like this for me:

  • Apply to the American TEOSL Institute
  • Write a post
  • build 20 backlinks
  • write copy for the products I believe in
  • research fitness affiliate programs to promote (I don’t promote anything I have not bought and tried myself)
  • continue work on Superstar Thinking
  • Work on an affiliate  site I have been building by finishing the on site content creation
  • Meditate
  • Listen to music
  • Be in bed by midnight

For me, listing out what I wish to accomplish helps me keep on track. You should try and develop a system that works for you.

3) Do something meaningful each and every day.

Following with #2, put aside time be it 7pm-1am or whatever to make progress to your goals. Even if it’s an hour. No one sets out to build a wall, they set out to lay each brick perfectly. Baby steps.

4) Spend 8 hours a week trying to automate your income.

There are so many ways to earn side cash. You can play around with Facebook or Plentyoffish advertising. You can start selling a product online, you can create a blog about a passion of yours and sell others peoples products for a commission. The ways I automate my income is with search engine marketing. Edge of David gets a lot of search traffic via dating terms. The results have been commissions from dating sites and the dating products I promote. The same goes with my niche sites targeting different industries. Trust me, if I can make a site where I earn $300 a month online, you can too.

5) Practice.

Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers said that luck is bullshit. What it’s really about is putting in your 10,000 hours in whatever discipline you  wish to excel at. I have been publishing content on blogs for almost two years now. I have been engage in the online space for the last 5 years. This gives me a huge advantage over anyone starting out.

6) Work for fee

Charlie Hoehn has written the default guide on this.

Now get going.

If you your own ideas I would love to read them in the comments, otherwise, get busy making your dreams happen!

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