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Post # 17 This and That and the Other Thing

God Answers Prayers

Post # 17

I have computer problems so much that I have resulted in just posting this message that I love from one of my friends.

God did NOT give you a spirit of fear.
God did NOT give you an attitude of fear.
God did NOT give you a problem with fear.
He gave you something else – POWER

The sixth day. If you’ve never done a daily spiritual practice
before, it’s a big deal to complete six days. Let yourself rest into
this practice. Let it be a gift to yourself.

Tip: Next time someone is saying something to you that you don’t
like, or having trouble with, instead of trying to prove them wrong,
or thinking about what you want to say to them next, just be in
Remembrance, and listen to what they are saying. You may or may not
disagree with what they say; it’s not about letting them be “right,”
it’s just about letting yourself be present while they have their

Stay in Remembrance, and make room for what they are saying, and for
how you are feeling.

After they finish, if you don’t have a reply that you think will
help the situation, just say something like, “Thank you- I need to
think about what you said, and I’ll get back to you.” or whatever is
appropriate that gives you time.

How did it feel not to fight with them- just to allow them to be
where they are, while your heart rested in Remembrance?

Business Use of the Remembrance: Truth telling without judgment.

Back in the 1990’s I was involved with a network marketing company,
deeply entangled, with a certain amount of success. However,
despite my company success, I was deep in debt and struggling, but
unwilling to look at the harsh facts. This was a subject of a lot of
struggle and fighting with my wife. She tried to not be judgmental
of where I was, but it was affecting our lives pretty strongly- how
to balance not trying to control me with being clear about her own
needs? It didn’t work and we fought a lot.

She had learned the Remembrance before I did, and had spent an hour
with one of the senior faculty of the Jaffe Institute in a session,
doing Remembrance with the whole situation.

After the session, she came out, and spoke really clearly, without
control, without judgment, but just stating how she felt and what
she wanted.

It was one of those moments that I felt a cellular shift in my being.
Suddenly, it was over. In that one moment of truth speaking, from
the depths of Remembrance, I was done with the company, I was done
with our struggling, and I was back in the relationship.

She could hardly believe it was true. I said, quietly, “Well, I
guess I’m out.” I quit that afternoon, and soon after embarked on
my first company, Success by Design, which led me on a direct path
to Heart of Business.

Is there some truth that you need to speak? Or is there someone who
has been trying to tell you the truth about something that you can’t
hear? Bring Remembrance to the situation. See what is the truth
for you.


p.s. If you have my book, Unveiling the Heart of Your Business, although I
don’t specifically write about “truth telling,” I do write about The Veil of
Safety, which is your doorway to abundance, and which helps to make it easier
to tell the truth, in Chapter 14, page 125.

If you need the book, you can find it here:

Heart of Business
When you want to make a difference, and need to make a profit.
(503) 282-3037
4074 NE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97212

This email is (c)2010 Mark Silver, all rights reserved.

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