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Topic # 19 Describe Bravery

Are you Brave?


Post       : Topic: What is the bravest thing?

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Posted     : January 18, 2011 at 9:15 am

Author     : Scott Berkun

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Topic #19

brought to you by Plinky.com (http://www.plinky.com) ):

Describe a time when you witnessed bravery:

a) in your profession (Barber Shop) – I was brave one day as I was cutting hair and we had a cork board up full of “business Cards” of the area towns people; and this lady comes in and starts to hand write each one of them in a notebook.  As I politely walked away from my client, I said to her, “what are you doing?”  She told me she needed “new” contacts for her “new” business.  I told her that she may not take those names and numbers.  “In a nutshell, she verbally fought with me, as I told her to “get out of the shop before I call the police.”  Either way it was ethically wrong.

  1. RajivJanuary 18, 2011 at 9:18 amReply

Do you want me to suggest nominees for Red & White Bravery Award


  1. LoriJanuary 18, 2011 at 9:22 amReply

Yesterday’s post was the most viewed post I’ve ever had — thank you again for the inspiration.


  1. Ashley PariseauJanuary 18, 2011 at 9:27 amReply

I like this one too.

  1. Destination InfinityJanuary 18, 2011 at 9:31 amReply

The bravest thing in the world is telling the truth, to yourself. If you can do that, you can do anything.

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