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Post #24 What is a Friend?

True Friends

As the Photo shows a man being hugged by a huge Tiger  I ‘d have to say they are “friends.”

Why is it that man’s best friend, “Is his/her dog,cat, fish, etc?”

I was wondering the other day about Divorce and Animals.  As I know how attached to my

cats I am, and how I treat them with such pride, dignity and care.  It’s almost  like my best

friend is my cats because they “never talk back or bark at me as “others” seem to do.

I come home from being out and I just love to pet my cats, feed them, bathe them,  talk to them, and hear them purr.  So, what happens to the “animal” in a divorce?  I hear there is a new “pet insurance now in the 2011’s for animals.” http://www.petplace.com/cats/divorce-can-be-hard-on-the-family-cat/page1.aspx

I don’t know about you but it would be hard to think about it and I know others out there struggle with Divorce and the “Family Pet.”  It would be interesting to hear how they handled it?!

So my best friend besides a few “humans” is “my family pets.”  Feel free to comment below.


http://www.worksforchrist.org/ Charlie is my Blogging Buddy

  1. January 22, 2011 at 7:38 PM
     So, what happens to the “animal” in a divorce? 

    Rather what happens to you in the divorce.. would be more like it.
    Personally, my cat, feline pets would
    not be that large at all!

    Thank you very much!
    Take care, Charlie

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