All About Me/My Poems

Who Am I? Jackie Paulson

I am a mother, writer, animal lover, aunt, daughter, renter, avid reader, employee, nature lover, blogger

1.What brings you pain and what do you passionately complain the most about?

a)Animal abuse

b)Un- justice

c)My first marriage

d)Job market in economic times, world

e)Abuse of people,


g)People taking advantage of others when they are down and out

2.(The opposite of this highlights your gift and purpose.) What is the opposite?

a)Animal lover

b)Justice-paralegal, law

c)Faithfulness in marriage

d)Equality and jobs for all

e)Freedom to express self and get help

f)All homeless need a home

g)Helping others in their troubles

You and Me © 2010

Just knowing that your thoughts are with me,

Warms me when I am cold.

Remembering your gentle touch,

Soothes away my tears.

The miles between us,

Keeps us strong.

A strength that brings visions,

Of times yet to be shared,

By a special guy like… YOU! © 2010 Written by Jackie Paulson

Jackie Paulson helps disorganized clients manage their time, energy, money and environment.

Jackie Paulson areas of experience in her personal life with:

I am a natural leader, manager, coordinator, mediator, organizer, cleaner, analytical, knowledgeable on many topics, reads, writer, blogger, research, paralegal, law, Christian , resale and thrift store guru, natural remedies, natural cleaning agents, storage ideas, fast learner, self starter, do-er, “actions speak louder than words”, cats, acne, yeast infections, Christmas fanatic, death of mother as a child, divorce, single mom, bankruptcy, child support issues with ex, resourceful, helpful, pay it forward, giver, thankful, prayer works, interior decorator, creative ideas, ADHD kids, Teens, codependency, recovered alcoholic, sales, customer service, justice.


un Justice, animal abuse, people who are homeless- we need to stand up to these.

What Love Can Do

Our love can make a simple song a symphony,

A conversaton poetry.

Our love can make a simple wink history,

Our Love can sight an every moment memory

Our love can make our hearing a mystery,

If our love does not have smell and taste

Our lives would be a waste.

I am  yours because you are mine.

Forever for all Eternity.

© 2010 Jackie Paulson

Jackie Paulson is the “Scholar” Soul

I have a Natural talent for:

1. Observing

2. Recording

3. Analyzing and

4. Understanding

I am a “Student of Life.”

I am a natural “observer, researcher, and note taker.”

I love to be able to gather and accumulate information, whether from books, on the INTERNET, Through scientific experimentation, or simply through travel.

Famous Scholars in History include:

Beethoven, J.S. BachIsaac NewtonCharles Darwin, Charlotte Bronze, Marie CurieMargaret Thatcher, Vaness Redgrave, Richard NixonAl GoreGordon Brown, and Ian McEwan.


You love to help others solve problems


You are great at picking up on peoples moods and predicting the future. You know what others are THINKING before they speak a word.

Your Purpose in life is to SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS~Lead Others

People turn to you for Direction and Hope and New Ideas

YOUR PASSION is learning

You bring inspiration into people’s lives.

YOUR DESIRE: TO find yourself

You are able to remove your EMOTIONS and see the Big Picture.

You have a GIFT for reading people “human Lie Detector”

I write poems: A Horse Needs His Freedom


A Horse Needs Freedom




The graceful arc of his neck,

His muscles all straining,

The wind at his back,

While it’s pouring down raining.

The lose of his mate,

Those humans he hates,

For they caught her with a string.

He had seen it before,

Much to his dismay,

He knew it was in store,

For his pretty blood bay.

The saddle and harsh bit,

The large men breaking her in,

Jostling about on her back where they sat,

To him it was a sad, cruel sin.

Her spirit would be broken,

She would lose all her fight ,

Nothing to hope in,

No freedom in sight.

A neigh was heard in the distance,

His answer coveyed dignity,

He resumed a proud stance,

For on the horizon it was she, Free!

  1. December 21, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    This is lovely, Jackie. I particularly like the lines: “If our love does not have smell and taste/Our lives would be a waste”…because I do believe we feel love through the senses.

    • December 22, 2010 at 11:18 AM

      Nothingprofound, yes it is so true without love our lives are a waste. Love unconditionally without judgement, that is the secret. Thanks for the nice comment.

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